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Building Your Own ‘Personal Branding’

Gone are the days of the commonly held belief that longer work days reap great rewards. Agent’s listing millions of dollars worth of properties year on year aren’t finding more time, they’re making it.

Personal Branding
The answer, work smarter, not harder. Time spent cold calling and prospecting would be far more valuable if it were supported by a strong personal brand. Nothing is more important for a real estate agent than to create, maintain and market their personal brand, the top 100 Real Estate agent’s from across Australia being the perfect examples. It’s recognised that when successfully implemented, personal branding is the difference between highly successful agent’s with a work life balance and agents working 14 hour days trying to cover their commission.

A truly invaluable asset, if customers feel a connection to this, they will trace your personal brand from agency to agency, potentially guaranteeing you’ll never have to ace starting from scratch again.

Improving Personal Brand

1. Maintain a Professional Appearance
Visual cues are utilised in order to gain an understanding of a person’s trustworthiness and competence. Look sharp to assist in looking in control, taking your job and they way in which you conduct yourself seriously.
2. Work on Your Presence
Much like appearance, having a presence is integral to building on your own personal brand. Build the confidence peole have in you by speaking clearly, concisely and with authority.
3. Never Stop Improving
An oversaturation of Agent’s in the marketplace has lead to consumers becoming far more savy with their choice of Agents, now actively searching to ensure they only use agent’s who’ve obtianed the Full Real Estate Licence. Obtaining your Full Licence makes it all the more easy for a customer to pick you over another agent.
4. Once You’re Qualified, Advertise It!
Be sure to include the details of your new qualifications in your title or description, have your business cards amended and website updated. Update your LinkedIn porfile and send out an EDM. Being a cut above rest is pointless if you haven’t let anyone know!
5. Maintain A Professional Online Presence
If you can’t trust your friends, family or self to have G rated social media accounts, change your privacy settings. Both potential employers and customers use social media as a way to scope out who they’re working with, so avoid any embarrassment and keep it classy.