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Why Real Estate Agents Should Utilise Social Media

By March 7, 2016Latest, Marketing

For too long Real Estate professionals have steered clear of having an online personal business presence for fear of doing, saying or representing the wrong message. With the internet now such a prevalent part of our everyday lives, not having an online presence is the equivalent of not picking up a phone call from a hot lead. Real Estate agents need to be investing time strategising, leveraging from and managing their own social networks.

Don’t just exist – contribute, connect and network.
Merely having social accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram isn’t enough. Connect with industry influencers, contribute and share your opinion on relevant topics and network not only amoungst like-minded Real Estate agents, but potential clientele.

“Explore what the market’s asking, re-imagine you sales pitch and ensure you’re answer the right questions.”

Don’t setup and forget, manage!
The most crucial part of leveraging form social media is your account management. Comments, posts and messages left unread or worse, read and not responded too can leave a bad taste in any prospects mouth. Make sure once you have these accounts you keep on top of your notifications, much the same as you would a missed call or voice mail.